Windows Phone 7 Emulator Hacked and Unlocked

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Windows Phone 7 SDK was made available at MIX10. The best thing was that this SDK was Free for everyone. But developing applications for a Device which is not available yet would’t be possible. So for developers to build their applications without an actual device Microsoft included a Windows Phone 7 Emulator.

Now this Emulator was locked down. It did not have any applications except Internet Explorer! So people interested in trying out all the features of Windows Phone 7 were left disappointed.

That is until now, someone has successfully managed to Unlock the Full Emulator for Windows Phone 7.

Here’s how to make the Emulator work :

Download the Dev tools (Visual Studio 10 Express) from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (Optional Download Only if the above gives any error)

Android Taskbar Icons for Windows Mobile

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Google’s Android as everyone knows is pretty slick looking! It has neat, rounded icons and subtle graphics system wide.There are some elements that can be ported over to Windows Mobile. Taskbar icons are one of them. Check out how Androids Taskbar icons look on WM6.5

Install the Following .Cab to get Android HTC Hero like Taskbar Icons on your Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone.

For more Android Taskbar tweaks check out this thread at XDA.

Windows Phone 7 Confirmed to Support MultiTasking

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Windows Phone 7 was announced and there were strong rumors that it did not support Multitasking.

Well now it’s confirmed that it does indeed Support Multitasking apparant from the leaked Developer Documents for Windows Phone 7.

Checkout out a screenshot describing Multitasking support for Windows 7 Series below:

Check out more leaked Developer Documents here

Why the HTC HD2 will probably get a Windows Phone 7 Update

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Windows Phone 7 Series was announced yesterday. One of the major point to be taken into consideration is the Hardware Specification. The minimum Hardware requirements for a Windows Phone 7 is actually not so minimum.

The previously leaked Chassis 1 Requirement mentions a minimum of 512Mb RAM, a Qualcomm 1Ghz Processor, WVGA Screen, MultiTouch Support among others.

There are a few devices on the market which currently meet those specifications. The HTC HD2 is one of them and it does have a large userbase. So everyone is hoping that the HD2 gets a Windows Phone 7 Update.

Will the HTC HD2 get a Windows Phone 7 Update? Well, probably! Here’s why :

1. The Demo Unit at MWC ran the same processor as HD2, the Qualcomm Snapdragon. HD2 meets all the minimal requirements. (4 Point MultiTouch support on the HD2 is still unknown)

Windows Phone 7 Series Announced – Details and Impressions

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Windows Phone 7 Series was just announced Officially at the Mobile World Congress 2010. This new version of Windows Phone marks the beginning of a new era. Windows Phone OS has been totally re-vamped and built up from ground up!

The new Interface is inspired from Microsoft’s highly successful Zune Interface. Everything is super slick and tightly integrated with each other. The look is simplistic yet feature rich.

Microsoft has roped in lots of Carriers and Hardware Partners to promote its new Windows Phone 7 Series. Some of the major Carrier Partners include AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange, SFR, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telstra, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone, while hardware partners include Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Qualcomm.

The Start screen majorly consists of what’s called as “Live Panels“. These panels constantly update Live data from services such as Facebook and Windows Live.  Browsing throughout the UI is full of pan in and out animations which look terrific.

Peoples Hub

The Peoples Application is where the Facebook integration with the the OS at System level really shines. Real time live data is pulled from your Facebook account and people with whom your most frequently interact are shown in a slick interface along with their most recent status updates. Again every information be it Contacts or Profile Pics are stored on the cloud.

XBox Live integration seems a major step in bringing Gaming to a Mobile level and connecting Microsoft’s highly successful XBox Gaming Console.

Adobe Demos Flash 10.1 for first time on the HD2

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Flash is already supported natively by the HD2 via Internet Explorer. The latest Flash for Mobiles 10.1 was demoed by Adobe for the First time.

Check out the Demo :

Video of Adobe’s Skylight on the HTC HD2:

via: Adobe

Improve A2DP Quality on Windows Mobile

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If you own any Stereo Bluetooth Device then you might already be knowing that by default the A2DP Quality is pretty much shit on a Windows Phone.

The quality can be improved a lot via using a few Registry tweaks.

For my HD2 I’m used the following Tweaks to get  descent A2DP Quality. Its still sucks compared to others but still acceptable!

Create new DWORDS on the Locations below :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\Plugin\AV\Line Speed = 320 (DWORD)

Move Lockscreen Slider to Bottom in Windows Mobile

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The Default Lockscreen in Windows Mobile 6.5.x has the Lock Slider at the Top. This makes it very difficult to reach the top with 1 hand and unlock the device.

Use this simple cab to move the Lockscreen Slider to the Bottom. Note that this is tested only on the HTC HD2. For any other device use at your own risk.

Lockscreen with Bottom

This is how your Lockscreen will look like after this patch :

Zune Phone or WinMo 7 or Both?

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Microsoft’s upcoming event at Mobile World Conference (MWC) is the most talked about subject on the Internet these days. Rumors are far spread about Microsoft announcing the next generation of its popular Windows Mobile operating system.

Windows Mobile 7 is awaited by bated breath by everyone. But recent rumors also suggest a Zune Phone in the making and that it will be announced at MWC.

According to a Spanish blog MuyComputer, a Zune Phone launch is 100% confirmed. The Phone will use Tegra Processor which is developed by nVidia, a 480 x 272 screen, HDMI video out, and weighs around 70 grams.

It will most probably be a Zune with just a Phone application with no major Hardware or Cosmetic changes. It will run Windows Mobile 7.

So there are chances that along with Windows Mobile 7 we will see a new Zune Phone too.

Keep checking back for more updates on Zune Phone and Windows Mobile 7!

MaxSense Android UI+Sense2.5 for Windows Phones

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There are quite a few User Interface Mods for Windows Mobiles. maxycy, a very well known member over at the XDA for his Modding skills has started to work on a new project which mixes the UI elements of both the Android and Sense 2.5 of the HD2.

It does look impressive indeed. I can’t wait to try it on my HD2.

Hit up the read link for more information. Video after the Break.