New Windows Phone 7 Ad – What if?

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Microsoft is known for its unique style of Advertising. They just released a new ad for their Windows Phone 7 OS titled – What if?

Have a look at it below:

WP7 on HTC HD2 v/s HTC HD7 : HD2 Wins!

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The HTC HD2 was launched more than a year back around October 2009. It was succeeded by the HTC HD7. Both the devices have almost the same specs with the major difference of the latter one supporting Windows Phone 7.

Now that Windows Phone 7 has been fully ported over to the HD2 check out the comparison video below showing a year old HD2 beating the recently launched HD7 in terms of speed in both 2D applications as well as graphic intensive 3D apps!

Free Angry Birds Clone for WP7 : Chicks and Vixen

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Rovio, the company behind the highly popular game ‘Angry Birds’ has launched its game for almost all major Mobile platforms. There were rumors of Angry Birds for WP7 but till now they seem to be just that and there’s no Official word on when we’ll be able to blow up some pigs on our Windows Phone 7.

An Angry Birds clone titled Chicks and Vixen was just released on the Marketplace. The gameplay is very similar to Angry Birds with exception that instead of Birds and Pigs this game is about the feuds between Chicks and Vixens.

Also the Developer further adds that it took him only 1000$ to develop this game from scratch. He also says that its just a matter of a weeks time for Rovio to port this game over to Windows Phone 7 but they are delaying the release purely for economic reasons rather than technical.

So for now, enjoy Chicks and Vixen. Its pretty fun too and best of all – It’s Free!

Download it from the Marketplace now.


Comparison of Various Twitter Clients for Windows Phone 7

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There are quite a bunch of Twitter Clients out now for Windows Phone 7. Some of them are free and some are paid.

Watch this video below by ZDNet showing comparison between the various Twitter Clients and find out if its better to pay for a Client or stick with the free ones.

How to: Install Windows Phone 7 (WP7) on HTC HD2

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The HTC HD2 was launched more than a year back and is still receiving tremendous support from the Developer community. Windows Phone 7 for the HTC HD2 was launched just a couple of weeks back by the famed Dark Forces Team.

I’ve been personally using WP7 on my HD2 for 2 weeks now and I’ve to say that I’m really impressed. This comes from someone who’s vigorously used iOS and Android on a daily basis. Sure, WP7 lacks some features but it makes up for it in terms of User Experience and overall Speed of the OS.

I highly recommend anyone with a HTC HD2 to go ahead and Install Windows Phone 7.

To Install Windows Phone 7 on your HD2 make sure you have HSPL 2.08 or higher installed.

If you don’t have HSPL installed follow this post to Install HSPL on your HD2.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have HSPL, download the following:

New Microsoft Ad shows Synergy w/ Windows Phone

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Microsoft has recently shown some aggressive advertising through its various Videos showing the integration between the various Microsoft Services and Devices.

Microsoft has recently launched 2 new videos showing the same on its Official Youtube channel.

Have a look at them below :

Stantum Resistive MultiTouch Prototype (Video)

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Resistive screens have been the de facto standard for Screen Types in Windows Mobiles since ages. The one advantage Resistive offers over the current Capacitive screens is that its highly accurate, the drawback being “less sensitivity” and no “MultiTouch”.

Stantum has been long working on a technology which provides Resistive screens to be MultiTouch as well as being highly Sensitive.

Engadget has done a Hands-On Video on a Tablet based on Stantum technology. Watch the Video after the break.