How to: Modify Themes in Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 offers very less in terms of User Customization. The only theming options are to change the Tile Colors and thats about it.

Folks over at XDA have managed to allow us to do even more by making it possible to Change the Background Color as well as use Custom Tile Colors of our choice.

You need a Developer Unlocked Device for this hack.

You can follow this thread over at XDA to Dev Unlock your WP7 Device.

1. Download Registry Editor and Deploy it to your WP7. Download Registry Editor for WP7 from here.

2. Download Advanced Configuration to add Custom colors of your Choice for the Tiles.

Next to use a Custom Background you will manually need to modify some Registry Settings. (Note this is risky and only advanced users should do it)

Use the registry editor to modify the background of the dark theme go to those Keys and change the value to your favorite color in HEX.

How to: Install HSPL on HTC HD2

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The HTC HD2 is a device with a lot of tricks under its belt. Not only can it run Windows Mobile 6.5 but a lot of other really cool stuffs like Custom ROMs, Android, Meego, Ubuntu and also Windows Phone 7.

But to do all this you first need to flash in a patched Bootloader which allows running of unsigned code and as a result allowing you to run all these other Operating Systems and Custom ROMs.

Why install HSPL and not SSLP?

Installing H(Hard)SPL is the most safest way to try out different third party ROMs on your device. In case you brick your device, HSPL will force the phone to enter into Bootloader Mode from where you can simply flash another ROM incase something goes wrong while flashing the previous one.

Pre-requisites before Installing HSPL on your HD2 :

Make sure your current SPL version is 1.42.000

To check your SPL version. Restart the Phone while holding the Volume Down Button

Installing HSPL 3 on your HD2 :

How To: Use Windows Phone 7 as Modem (Tethering)

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Windows Phone 7 misses out on a lot of important features, Internet Tethering being one of the major missing feature. A lot of us out there use our Mobiles as Modem for constant on the go Internet for our Laptops/Netbooks.

Although I have no doubt that Internet Tethering support will eventually come to WP7 in future updates, currently most of us cannot afford to miss out on it.

The folks over at XDA have came upon a solution that allows us to use our Windows Phone 7 Devices as Modem.

The procedure is not as simple but if you really need Tethering right now, follow the steps below :

Note: You need a “Developer Unlocked Device“. At this point, the only way to Unlock your Device is to use the Chevron unlock hack.


1. Download the DFRouter App from : Click Here

2. Download HTC Sync Software from HTC Site. (Note that this is for Android phones but contains the required Modem drivers for tethering)

New Jailbreak in line for Windows Phone 7

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After the Chevron team officially joined hands with Microsoft, its only obvious to wonder to what extent they will support the core Homebrew community. Will they allow anyone with a Windows Phone to be allowed Development free of cost? A lot of doubts still remain unanswered.

Meanwhile another Developer who was famous for his TouchXperience mod has released details about his upcoming tool that uses a different method to “JailBreak” your Windows Phone 7.

This tool as seen in the above screenshot, will allow you to Developer unlock your Windows Phone 7 permanently! (unlike Chevrons temporary unlock) This means you can sideload Homebrew applications, Debug your Windows Phone 7 Application right on the actual device, use Mass Storage Mode, etc.

The developer will not be releasing this tool before the next WP7 update for obvious reasons. Once the Official WP7 update is released he will launch this tool. So all you Developers out there won’t lose out on the the unlock and still be able to enjoy the updated features of Windows Phone 7.

Read the Official announcement of the new Jailbreak after the break!

Download Windows Phone 7 Theme

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Windows Phone 7 Series is going to have an entirely new and very unique User Interface. Microsoft calls this the Metro UI. The speciality of this UI is that it focuses on the Content rather than graphical elements like Icons.

Information is shown in big bold letters and the Start menu is composed of a concept called ‘Live Tiles’.

Microsoft disappointed everyone by leaving out any existing Windows Mobile Phone from getting a WP7S upgrade. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try out the new UI on your current Windows Mobile.

Many Modders and Designers out there are trying to get the Windows Phone 7 experience onto your WinMo device.

WP7S Theme

The Best WP7S theme I came so far was one by ‘arley12’ an XDA Forums member.

His Theme is based on the Throttle Launcher Shell UI.

Check out the Theme in action, its almost indistinguishable from the actual WP7S Interface :

The Theme is still not 100% complete and is a work in progress. Here’s what we have so far :

- Scrollable home page and apps launcher
- Animated real contacts on home page
- Animated pictures tile with different thumbs from user selected folder
- Animated "Me" tile for owner info (customizable photo)
- Animated contacts tiles for People hub
- People hub
- Games hub
- Ability to select an Xbox LIVE Avatar (animates on home screen)
- Five color patterns for the tiles (Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Yellow)
- Custom taskbar with a clock (can revert back to standard WM taskbar)
- Custom WP7S soft keys (can revert back to standard WM keys)
- Battery indicator(Graphics by HDOwner)
- Pin favorite apps on the home page

How to Download and Install :

Android Taskbar Icons for Windows Mobile

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Google’s Android as everyone knows is pretty slick looking! It has neat, rounded icons and subtle graphics system wide.There are some elements that can be ported over to Windows Mobile. Taskbar icons are one of them. Check out how Androids Taskbar icons look on WM6.5

Install the Following .Cab to get Android HTC Hero like Taskbar Icons on your Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone.

For more Android Taskbar tweaks check out this thread at XDA.

Improve A2DP Quality on Windows Mobile

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If you own any Stereo Bluetooth Device then you might already be knowing that by default the A2DP Quality is pretty much shit on a Windows Phone.

The quality can be improved a lot via using a few Registry tweaks.

For my HD2 I’m used the following Tweaks to get  descent A2DP Quality. Its still sucks compared to others but still acceptable!

Create new DWORDS on the Locations below :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\Plugin\AV\Line Speed = 320 (DWORD)

Move Lockscreen Slider to Bottom in Windows Mobile

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The Default Lockscreen in Windows Mobile 6.5.x has the Lock Slider at the Top. This makes it very difficult to reach the top with 1 hand and unlock the device.

Use this simple cab to move the Lockscreen Slider to the Bottom. Note that this is tested only on the HTC HD2. For any other device use at your own risk.

Lockscreen with Bottom

This is how your Lockscreen will look like after this patch :

MaxSense Android UI+Sense2.5 for Windows Phones

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There are quite a few User Interface Mods for Windows Mobiles. maxycy, a very well known member over at the XDA for his Modding skills has started to work on a new project which mixes the UI elements of both the Android and Sense 2.5 of the HD2.

It does look impressive indeed. I can’t wait to try it on my HD2.

Hit up the read link for more information. Video after the Break.


WinMo-Android Dual Boot now made Super Easy

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The major difference between Mobile Operating Systems like iPhone OS and Windows Mobile is that the latter is totally open to the Developers. Being this open, give them the ability to create and do some amazing things with their devices.

Dual Booting Operating Systems was always considered a far fetched idea when it came to Mobile Devices. But it is pretty much possible now with Android being hacked onto a lot of devices due to its vast compatibility.

As usual the Developers at XDA Forums are always up to something and this time they have created a very simple and easy to use Dual Boot Solution to Dual Boot between Windows Mobile and Android on your Windows Phone!

Currently this tool is limited to VGA devices (WVGA planned soon), especially tested on the Diamond and Touch Pro.

If you are wondering from where Android boots, then that choice is open for you. You can either boot Android off Internal Memory or Memory Card. Although the former is always preferred, the latter will provide a slightly quicker response.