Resco Explorer 2010 Finally Launched

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Software | Posted on 26-01-2010


Resco Explorer Suite is a highly reputed and very popular Suite of applications for Windows Mobile. They provide an excellent File Explorer and Reg Editor.

Resco Explorer 2010 is their latest iteration, it is made keeping in mind the flow of current generation Windows Phone which are slowly adopting full finger functionality and leaving the age old stylus based input behind. This version is highly optimized for Finger/Touch based input.

Resco was always known for its File Mangers, but now they’ve also added a couple of other features such as Thumbnail View Mode and Direct Photo  upload to Flickr or Picasa album!  All these features combined into a single software  which is available at such a rate which is almost a steal!

New features in Explorer 2010

  • Image Upload to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, MySpace and Photobucket — the program is now able to upload image files to the most popular social networks including the largest web image database — Flickr.
  • Thumbnails View Mode — The new view mode displays previews of images. It becomes handy (improves the navigation) while seeking in folders with many image files.
  • Interaction with Resco Photo Manager — The new Explorer can utilize tools and strengths of Resco Photo Manager. If users have both of these programs installed on a device, they will sense that the thumbnail loading is faster as well as the fact that it supports all the photo manager image types.
  • Totally Customizable Today Plug-in — Today plug-in gets new shape and becomes totally customizable — add or remove phone tools, applications or documents. The eventual size of the plug-in, therefore, depends only on your choices.


Windows Live for Windows Phone Updated

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A newer version of Windows Live for Windows Phone was just released. There are no detailed change-logs as of now but the version has been bumped to 11.1 from the previous 10.7.0060.

Download Windows Live v11.1

Modify your LockScreen Slider in WM 6.5

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The default WM 6.5 Lock Slider looks pretty cool in itself. But if you’re tired of the same look, you can try out some cool modifications for that Lock.

Windows Mobile allows you to modify every little aspect of the system with regards to looks.

Download and place the Image files below into your Windows folder.

Download Laskarface Custom Lockscreen Icons

To install the above custom locks, just download and Install the .Cab file below.

Download St3ph3nt3′s Colored LockSlider


Microsoft finally releases SDK for WM 6.5

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Windows Mobile 6.5 was launch around 3 months back. No Official SDK was available till now causing application development for WM 6.5 to slow down.

Microsoft today has finally made available the Software Development Kit for WM 6.5. The SDK will provide documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images, and tools to Visual Studio that allow developers to build applications for Windows Mobile 6.5.

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is also supported. This new Build has sleeker looking menus and Start button on the bottom.

Download SDK for Windows Mobile 6.5

( Size:145.4 MB – 3700.5 MB* )

HTC HD2 gets a new ROM 1.66

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HTC released a new ROM Upgrade for the HD2 just few hrs back. The ROM Verson 1.66 is currently being released for only South East Asia region. Other regions should follow up pretty soon.

As for the changelog, HTC has once again continued its tradition of not providing any detailed log and just giving a very vague overview of whats upgraded.

Improved Functions:

Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers fast and reliable SMS messaging.

This becomes the 3rd time HTC has tried to fix the SMS lag issue. Although I’ve personally never faced this issue either on Stock ROM or Custom ROM, people from European Regions are facing this issue on a pretty large scale. Hope this ROM Upgrade fixes their problem.

Other info. about this ROM :