Move Lockscreen Slider to Bottom in Windows Mobile

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in HTC HD2, Tweaks, Windows Mobile 6.5 | Posted on 03-02-2010


The Default Lockscreen in Windows Mobile 6.5.x has the Lock Slider at the Top. This makes it very difficult to reach the top with 1 hand and unlock the device.

Use this simple cab to move the Lockscreen Slider to the Bottom. Note that this is tested only on the HTC HD2. For any other device use at your own risk.

Lockscreen with Bottom

This is how your Lockscreen will look like after this patch :

Possibility that all HD2′s have 576Mb RAM

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Hardware, HTC HD2, Rumors | Posted on 25-01-2010


Just yesterday, we’d written about the US version of HTC HD2 having higher capacity RAM/ROM. Well now, according to some folks over XDA Chinese forums, even the current HD2′s seem to have 576Mb RAM.

They had informed even before yesterdays news that their HD2′s were reporting 576Mb of RAM  after flashing an unreleased Radio Rom.

There is a possibily of this being true as the pre-release ROMs too reported just 320Mb RAM for the HD2. This could just be a current ROM limitation and theres a chance that  the HD2 hardware itself has 576Mb RAM from the start.

Check out a Video one of the member over at Chinese XDA posted.


US version of HTC HD2 to have higher ROM/RAM

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Hardware, HTC HD2 | Posted on 24-01-2010


The official specs for the US T-Mobile version of HTC HD2 have been released and it will have much higher ROM Memory and an increased RAM compared to European/Asian HD2′s.

This is surely gonna make quite a lot of current HD2 Owners (including me) annoyed!  The reason for being annoyed does not exist as of today, but the Official Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1 requirements specify that the Device should have atleast 1Gb of ROM and 512Mb of RAM, which now this TMobile HD2 completely satisfies leaving existing HD2 owners angry.

Here’s whats differs from the current HD2′s :

Internal Memory :

  • ROM 1GB;
  • RAM 576MB

In Box Content :

  • 16GB MicroSD Card


HTC HD2 gets a new ROM 1.66

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in HTC HD2, Official ROMs, Software | Posted on 22-01-2010


HTC released a new ROM Upgrade for the HD2 just few hrs back. The ROM Verson 1.66 is currently being released for only South East Asia region. Other regions should follow up pretty soon.

As for the changelog, HTC has once again continued its tradition of not providing any detailed log and just giving a very vague overview of whats upgraded.

Improved Functions:

Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers fast and reliable SMS messaging.

This becomes the 3rd time HTC has tried to fix the SMS lag issue. Although I’ve personally never faced this issue either on Stock ROM or Custom ROM, people from European Regions are facing this issue on a pretty large scale. Hope this ROM Upgrade fixes their problem.

Other info. about this ROM :

HTC HD2 Extended Battery to come with a Kickstand

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Hardware, HTC HD2 | Posted on 22-01-2010


The HTC HD2 is a very powerful device! With that beastly 1GHz processor and the huge 4.3′ screen , battery life does take a toll. HTC had some time back demoed an Extended Battery pack which came with a replacement back panel to accomodate the larger size of the battery.

It’s been confirmed now that the Replacement Backpanel will also come with a Kickstand. A kickstand would be definitely useful while watching Videos or Slideshows on the HD2.

Clove, a very reputed Online Reseller has detailed the various Accessories coming for the HD2 in coming months.

The Extended Battery comes at a hefty price, it costs about £52.88 (~90$) which does seem pretty costly. If you are a heavy user, then you would definitely want one! Hit up the Read link for more info.