ST Ericsson will Provide the Dual Core Chipsets For Nokia Windows Phones

Posted by Sagar | Posted in Hardware, Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 02-11-2011


Nokia recently unveiled their first Windows Phones with the Lumia series,the Lumia 710 and the Lumia 800, but sadly though we didn’t see the dual core Windows Phones from them this time around but thats only a matter of time.

Nokia will be launching more devices in the 2012 calendar year and as reported earlier by mynokiablog ST Ericsson will provide the dual core chipsets exclusively to Nokia for their upcoming Dual core Windows Phone expected to be launched with the next major Windows Phone update codenamed “Apollo”. So with this we will see another chipset manufacturer along with Qualcomm in the Windows Phone business which was the leading chipset maker for the first generation Windows Phones with their snapdragon series.

The first 2 Nokia Windows Phones which are ready for the launch i.e the Lumia 800 and 710 are however on the Qualcomm chipsets.The NovathorĀ  seriesĀ  U8500 chipset is a dual core with support for 1080p recording with 20MP stills.So we are surely in for a high end hardware treat from Windows Phone platform which is currently missing a dual core category while the other platforms are pitching in with their ginormous hardware specifications.


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