First Windows Phone 7 Update Released – No Copy/Paste Yet

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 22-02-2011


We had reported earlier that the NoDo Update containing the Copy/Paste feature had been postponed to around mid – March. We’d previously believed the NoDo update to be the 1st ever WP7 update but that’s not true anymore.

Microsoft has just launched its first ever software update for Windows Phone 7.  This update is meant to pave the way for future, more feature rich updates. Microsoft is releasing this Update on a random basis so some of you might get this sooner than others and some may get it in the coming days.

Note that this update is not an Over the Air (OTA) update. You will have to connect your Windows Phone to your PC (Zune) or Mac (Windows Phone Connector) in order to get the update notification and update your Phone!

Check out what Microsoft has a to say about this update:

What’s in this update?

This first update for Windows Phone is designed to improve the software update process itself. So while it might not sound exciting, it’s still important because it’s paving the way for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search.

In the future, I encourage you to check out our new update history page on the Windows Phone website for a brief, plain-English summary of what each update does or what features it adds to your phone.

When will I get this update?

We’ll begin sending it out today. But to help ensure the process goes smoothly, it won’t be sent to everyone at once. So you might see an update message before your spouse, co-worker, or neighbor (or vice versa). This is a common industry practice. That said, we understand you’re eager to have the latest software on your phone, and our goal is to deliver it to you as quickly as possible.

How do I update my phone?

You’ll need to connect your phone to your computer and update it using either the Zune software for your PC or the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac (depending on which kind of computer you have).

So just install one of these programs, connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable, and then follow the on-screen instructions. I also strongly encourage you to check out our step-by-step guide for updating your phone on the Windows Phone website.

One last important word: If you’ve installed the Zune software or the Windows Phone 7 Connector in the past, you might actually need to update that program first and then use it to update your phone.  If that’s the case, you’ll know. Just follow the on-screen instructions, restart the software, and then connect your phone.

Where can I get more help?

The Windows Phone website has several how-to and troubleshooting articles about phone updates. Here’s the complete list.


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