WP7 NoDo Update leaked, possible HD2 Port Coming Soon

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in HTC HD2, Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 19-02-2011


The NoDO update, which is the upcoming firmware update for Windows Phone 7 bringing in the much required Copy-Paste functionality has been reportedly leaked by a site called 911sniper.

This leak contains an unreleased NoDo update for the CDMA version of HTC 7 Pro! Its been confirmed by dumping the Firmware that this leak actually contains the Copy-Paste code and is infact the NoDo release!

While its impossible to make use of this ROM for any other Official WP7 device due to lack of a custom bootloader, there‚Äôs a very high possibility that the HD2 will get this working in a matter of weeks. Hopefully this is the case, as if you’re the owner of a slick WP7 handset, it’s a bit embarrassing not to be able to copy and paste your high score at http://pt.partypoker.com on a 2011 phone if you are a poker fanatic like me.

Right now the only people who can get this working on the HD2 is the DFT Team. Only they seem to have the proper reloc tools required to port this successfully.

If you are a Developer and need to tinker around with the ROM check out the following downloads:

Full NBH:

raw IMGFS.bin http://ce7.ondraster.cz/IMGFS.bin.7z
Dumped IMGFS with built packages http://ce7.ondraster.cz/IMGFS.7z
Dumped IMGFS without built packages http://ce7.ondraster.cz/rawimgfs.7z

raw NK.bin http://ce7.ondraster.cz/NK.bin.7z
Dumped NK with built packages http://ce7.ondraster.cz/XIP.7z
Dumped NK without built packages http://ce7.ondraster.cz/rawnk.7z


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