Windows Phone 7 *Mango* Update Rumored Features include IE9, Multitasking Support

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Rumors, Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 11-02-2011


Microsoft’s next update codenamed ‘NoDo’ is yet to be released but that doesn’t bother people from finding out whats next!

The next major Windows Phone 7 release has been codenamed Mango and which is said to be the 1st major upgrade that WP7 will receive.

The rumored updated featureset include:

  • IE Mobile 9 with full HTML 5 Support
  • Multitasking Support for 3rd Party Apps
  • Integration of Twitter directly into the People’s Hub (just like Facebook)

While the NoDo update is set for an early March release, the Mango update will take a while and is expected to get released around September.

Microsoft does seem slow in delivery updates as compared to other major players. Lets just hope that the recent Nokia-Microsoft alliance expedites the development process and leads to Microsoft releasing more frequent updates!


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