Free Angry Birds Clone for WP7 : Chicks and Vixen

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Software, Videos, Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 02-02-2011


Rovio, the company behind the highly popular game ‘Angry Birds’ has launched its game for almost all major Mobile platforms. There were rumors of Angry Birds for WP7 but till now they seem to be just that and there’s no Official word on when we’ll be able to blow up some pigs on our Windows Phone 7.

An Angry Birds clone titled Chicks and Vixen was just released on the Marketplace. The gameplay is very similar to Angry Birds with exception that instead of Birds and Pigs this game is about the feuds between Chicks and Vixens.

Also the Developer further adds that it took him only 1000$ to develop this game from scratch. He also says that its just a matter of a weeks time for Rovio to port this game over to Windows Phone 7 but they are delaying the release purely for economic reasons rather than technical.

So for now, enjoy Chicks and Vixen. Its pretty fun too and best of all – It’s Free!

Download it from the Marketplace now.


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