How to: Modify Themes in Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 offers very less in terms of User Customization. The only theming options are to change the Tile Colors and thats about it.

Folks over at XDA have managed to allow us to do even more by making it possible to Change the Background Color as well as use Custom Tile Colors of our choice.

You need a Developer Unlocked Device for this hack.

You can follow this thread over at XDA to Dev Unlock your WP7 Device.

1. Download Registry Editor and Deploy it to your WP7. Download Registry Editor for WP7 from here.

2. Download Advanced Configuration to add Custom colors of your Choice for the Tiles.

Next to use a Custom Background you will manually need to modify some Registry Settings. (Note this is risky and only advanced users should do it)

Use the registry editor to modify the background of the dark theme go to those Keys and change the value to your favorite color in HEX.

To modify the “Dark Theme” edit the following registry keys :


You might also need to change the Font Color
[HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\ListPickerBackgroundPre ssed]

To modify “Light Theme” Background Edit these:


You might also need to change the Font Color

[HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\ListPickerBackgroundPre ssed]

You can get Hex color codes from this site


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