How To: Use Windows Phone 7 as Modem (Tethering)

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Windows Phone 7 misses out on a lot of important features, Internet Tethering being one of the major missing feature. A lot of us out there use our Mobiles as Modem for constant on the go Internet for our Laptops/Netbooks.

Although I have no doubt that Internet Tethering support will eventually come to WP7 in future updates, currently most of us cannot afford to miss out on it.

The folks over at XDA have came upon a solution that allows us to use our Windows Phone 7 Devices as Modem.

The procedure is not as simple but if you really need Tethering right now, follow the steps below :

Note: You need a “Developer Unlocked Device“. At this point, the only way to Unlock your Device is to use the Chevron unlock hack.


1. Download the DFRouter App from : Click Here

2. Download HTC Sync Software from HTC Site. (Note that this is for Android phones but contains the required Modem drivers for tethering)

3. Deploy the .XAP file to your Phone. You can use Tom XAP Installer if you don’t have the WP7 SDK Installed. Remove the USB connection from PC when done.

4. Turn off Gprs on your Phone. To do that Goto Settings > Cellular > Data Connection Off.

5. Open the deployed application “DFRouter” and select “HTC Modem

6. Connect your Windows Phone to PC. You will see a new device called “HTC USB Modem

7. Open HTC USB Modem, click on the Advanced tab.

8. Add the following command :

(APN = Your carrier’s Access Point Name. Ex: “”)

9. Create a new connection with HTC USB Modem, dialing number is *99#

10. Connect without entering any Username Password.



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