How to: Install HSPL on HTC HD2

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The HTC HD2 is a device with a lot of tricks under its belt. Not only can it run Windows Mobile 6.5 but a lot of other really cool stuffs like Custom ROMs, Android, Meego, Ubuntu and also Windows Phone 7.

But to do all this you first need to flash in a patched Bootloader which allows running of unsigned code and as a result allowing you to run all these other Operating Systems and Custom ROMs.

Why install HSPL and not SSLP?

Installing H(Hard)SPL is the most safest way to try out different third party ROMs on your device. In case you brick your device, HSPL will force the phone to enter into Bootloader Mode from where you can simply flash another ROM incase something goes wrong while flashing the previous one.

Pre-requisites before Installing HSPL on your HD2 :

Make sure your current SPL version is 1.42.000

To check your SPL version. Restart the Phone while holding the Volume Down Button

Installing HSPL 3 on your HD2 :


1. Download HardSPL package from Click Here and extract to an empty folder.
2. Connect your HD2 to your Windows PC in ActiveSync Mode. Make sure Windows Mobile Device Center detects it correctly.
3. Run HSPL3_PKG.exe from your PC and read all the text carefully
4. Click Next in the HardSPL program
5. The program will now check the usb connection and Enter Bootloader screen (Tri Colour)
*You can select between SPL2.08.0000 or 2.08.HSPL. This is to avoid people with 1024LEO’s installing an incompatable version and bricking their device*
6. Select 2.08.HSPL for HardSPL and click NEXT.
7. Your choice will be flashed to your phone.
8. After the progress bar reaches 100% your Phone will restart.
9. Click Ok to Exit the program.
10. Congrats, you just flashed HardSPL.


Here’s a Video Tutorial showing the above steps in action :

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