Windows Phone 7 Series ROM for HTC HD2 to be available soon [Now with Video Proof]

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in HTC HD2, Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 28-03-2010


A very popular Site’s Administrator has leaked the information about a Windows Phone 7 Series ROM for HTC HD2. He has provided snaps of the HD2 running WP7S, but that doesn’t mean anything. It could even be simple pictures being viewed via the HD2′s Album Application.

But there’s some credit to the Source as it’s been put up by the Admin of that Forum.

WP7S is still a long way from release and if HD2 is the 1st Device to run it, looking at the current sales of the HD2 in the US, those sales will certainly get even a higher boost due to this.

Is it really true or not? We’ll know soon enough now!

*Update* One of the Moderators at XDA has Confirmed this! Now we all wait with bated breath!

*Update 2* Now updated with Video.

It’s been said that at this moment its not possible to revert back to Windows Mobile 6.5 once you install this WP7S ROM as the Bootloader and AMSS (Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software) have been modified!

Check out Video, more snaps and link after the break.

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