Windows Phone 7 Emulator Hacked and Unlocked

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Downloads, Windows Phone 7 | Posted on 19-03-2010


Windows Phone 7 SDK was made available at MIX10. The best thing was that this SDK was Free for everyone. But developing applications for a Device which is not available yet would’t be possible. So for developers to build their applications without an actual device Microsoft included a Windows Phone 7 Emulator.

Now this Emulator was locked down. It did not have any applications except Internet Explorer! So people interested in trying out all the features of Windows Phone 7 were left disappointed.

That is until now, someone has successfully managed to Unlock the Full Emulator for Windows Phone 7.

Here’s how to make the Emulator work :

Download the Dev tools (Visual Studio 10 Express) from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (Optional Download Only if the above gives any error)

1. Download the unlocked bin from Here

2. Rename the file to WM70C1.bin

3. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WindowsPhone\v7.0\Emulation\Images

4. Rename the existing WM70C1.bin to WM70C1_old.bin

5. CopyPaste the Downloaded bin file

Run the Emulator by starting a new project and simply Running it!


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Thanks !! :D

Doesn’t work on a German Operating System

If i follow above thing my emulator doesn’t start and display “Windows Phone Emulator is doing a complete OS boot” so please any buddy please tell me what happen here…………

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