WinMo-Android Dual Boot now made Super Easy

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Software, Tweaks | Posted on 27-01-2010


The major difference between Mobile Operating Systems like iPhone OS and Windows Mobile is that the latter is totally open to the Developers. Being this open, give them the ability to create and do some amazing things with their devices.

Dual Booting Operating Systems was always considered a far fetched idea when it came to Mobile Devices. But it is pretty much possible now with Android being hacked onto a lot of devices due to its vast compatibility.

As usual the Developers at XDA Forums are always up to something and this time they have created a very simple and easy to use Dual Boot Solution to Dual Boot between Windows Mobile and Android on your Windows Phone!

Currently this tool is limited to VGA devices (WVGA planned soon), especially tested on the Diamond and Touch Pro.

If you are wondering from where Android boots, then that choice is open for you. You can either boot Android off Internal Memory or Memory Card. Although the former is always preferred, the latter will provide a slightly quicker response.

This tool will be launched tomorrow.

Hit up the Read link and follow that thread over at XDA for more information and Download links.


Lets just hope now that a version for WVGA and Snapdragon based Devices comes soon!


The tool is finally launched and also supports WVGA! Hit up the above Read link to download. Check out the Installation Video below :

Note: This won’t work on HD2 since the Snapdragon still ain’t supported. HD2 Owners will have to wait for a long time :(

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