Resco Explorer 2010 Finally Launched

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Resco Explorer Suite is a highly reputed and very popular Suite of applications for Windows Mobile. They provide an excellent File Explorer and Reg Editor.

Resco Explorer 2010 is their latest iteration, it is made keeping in mind the flow of current generation Windows Phone which are slowly adopting full finger functionality and leaving the age old stylus based input behind. This version is highly optimized for Finger/Touch based input.

Resco was always known for its File Mangers, but now they’ve also added a couple of other features such as Thumbnail View Mode and Direct Photo  upload to Flickr or Picasa album!  All these features combined into a single software  which is available at such a rate which is almost a steal!

New features in Explorer 2010

  • Image Upload to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, MySpace and Photobucket — the program is now able to upload image files to the most popular social networks including the largest web image database — Flickr.
  • Thumbnails View Mode — The new view mode displays previews of images. It becomes handy (improves the navigation) while seeking in folders with many image files.
  • Interaction with Resco Photo Manager — The new Explorer can utilize tools and strengths of Resco Photo Manager. If users have both of these programs installed on a device, they will sense that the thumbnail loading is faster as well as the fact that it supports all the photo manager image types.
  • Totally Customizable Today Plug-in — Today plug-in gets new shape and becomes totally customizable — add or remove phone tools, applications or documents. The eventual size of the plug-in, therefore, depends only on your choices.


Resco Explorer 2010Resco Explorer 2010Resco Explorer 2010

Resco Explorer 2010 is a Must Have software for any Windows Mobile User! Highly Recommended!

To download the application, visit:

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