Possibility that all HD2′s have 576Mb RAM

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Hardware, HTC HD2, Rumors | Posted on 25-01-2010


Just yesterday, we’d written about the US version of HTC HD2 having higher capacity RAM/ROM. Well now, according to some folks over XDA Chinese forums, even the current HD2′s seem to have 576Mb RAM.

They had informed even before yesterdays news that their HD2′s were reporting 576Mb of RAMĀ  after flashing an unreleased Radio Rom.

There is a possibily of this being true as the pre-release ROMs too reported just 320Mb RAM for the HD2. This could just be a current ROM limitation and theres a chance thatĀ  the HD2 hardware itself has 576Mb RAM from the start.

Check out a Video one of the member over at Chinese XDA posted.


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