US version of HTC HD2 to have higher ROM/RAM

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Hardware, HTC HD2 | Posted on 24-01-2010


The official specs for the US T-Mobile version of HTC HD2 have been released and it will have much higher ROM Memory and an increased RAM compared to European/Asian HD2′s.

This is surely gonna make quite a lot of current HD2 Owners (including me) annoyed!  The reason for being annoyed does not exist as of today, but the Official Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1 requirements specify that the Device should have atleast 1Gb of ROM and 512Mb of RAM, which now this TMobile HD2 completely satisfies leaving existing HD2 owners angry.

Here’s whats differs from the current HD2′s :

Internal Memory :

  • ROM 1GB;
  • RAM 576MB

In Box Content :

  • 16GB MicroSD Card


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