OpnMarket : Freeware AppStore for Windows Mobile

Posted by Tanmay | Posted in Downloads | Posted on 21-01-2010


Microsoft launched Windows Marketplace for Windows Phones not too long back. The overall feedback for Marketplace hasn’t been too great. The one main caveat behind Marketplace is that it’s region specific. That means people from regions such as Asia or Europe miss out on Applications which might be sold in the United States.

The other main point being that for every Paid application out there, there’s always a comparable Freeware alternative available.

Now a very well known site providing Free Windows Mobile Applications has built a custom Application Store for Windows Mobile featuring only Freeware Applications!

OpnMarket for Windows Mobile provides a very clean and easy interface to get those freeware applications quickly and easily. The experience which it provides is much better than even Marketplace.

Along with the clean and easy to use interface, Kinetic scrolling and neatly categorically organized Applications with more and more added daily.

OpnMarket is highly recommended and is totally a Must-Have!

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